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About Copy&Content

(& who is Ali Doyle anyway?)

This should be the part where I tell you all about me. How I have 15 years of copywriting experience in various industries, a BA in journalism, and a fierce love of grammar. That the words I write can make you laugh. Or make you cry. They can make you think. They can change your mind. Whatever they're doing, you're left feeling something, learning something, or doing something. 

But this really isn't about me. 

It's about YOU.

You want to focus on your business, not handle writing hassles. Or writer hassles. You want a writer who gets it right the first time. Someone who lets you check things off your to-do list, not add to it. And you'd love to actually end your workday at 5:00 sometimes.

Partner with me, and you'll get that and more. 

Let's explore how I can make your communications more effective —

and your life a little easier.

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